DA Champions Network

DA Champions Network enables staff to work more effectively with victims so victims can recover, have a choice about their future and break the intergenerational cycle of abuse. This in turn will mean a reduction in demand on resources of the police, criminal justice system and hospitals.

Research shows that victims of domestic abuse can go to as many as 10 different agencies before they find the appropriate help, advice and support. The implementation of the DA Champions Network looks to reduce this number.

So far, in Oxfordshire 1300 Champions have been trained with 185 agencies/ organisations involved. Network meetings are held in each district which helps Champions to add to their knowledge and build personal relationships which will support them joining a virtual team.

DA Network aims to develop and support staff with training and advice and also encourage them to share information with other specialist areas to ensure the best possible outcome.

Roles and responsibilities for a DA Champion:

  • To ensure they are fully aware of the likely effects of the role and its responsibilities on their current job
  • To act as an access point into and out of their organisation- but not necessarily to take on all DA cases
  • To ensure they keep to hand up-to-date and accessible information on referral sources and support
  • To ensure that their colleagues are aware of the Champions scheme, their Champion’s role in it, how to contact them and where the resource manual is located
  • To cascade training in relation to domestic abuse and keep a record of those trained
  • To ensure information, including leaflets and posters are displayed widely
  • To attend networking and updating sessions
  • To be open to the idea of being trained to train their colleagues

Who can become a DA Champion?

DA Champions can come from a wide range of organisations. Professionals such as school health nurses, paramedics or Special Education Needs Co-ordinators (SENCO) are all part of the network. Everyone receives the same training and meet in networks to provide a multi-agency approach to addressing domestic abuse.

Please follow the link below to our local SaferMK site which was developed by charity Reducing the Risk, who will be delivering the initial training to colleagues within Milton Keynes Council, Thames Valley Police, Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Group as well as various other support and outreach workers.

Website: www.reducingtherisk.org.uk/cms/content/information-and-advice-milton-keynes