Chelseas Choice

Chelsea’s Choice’ is a hard-hitting Applied Theatre Production that has proven highly successful in raising awareness of the issues surrounding Child Sexual Exploitation.  The play has now been seen by hundreds of professionals and over 220,000 young people throughout the UK. Chelsea’s Choice was performed at Stantonbury, Leon, Hazeley, Radcliffe and MK Academy last summer to 2140 students in the space of 1 week, with members from Brook and Compass attending each performance.

Feedback from Stantonbury after the first day of performances:

“I thought the play was excellent!  Very powerful and it was ideal for the students.  The session in the afternoon was just year 10…..You could hear a pin drop!!!  They were quiet and intently listening.  Really good. Some of the girls from year 9 were crying, a couple of teachers ended up in tears……. Most of the teachers really enjoyed it and thought it was really informative. I would be very, very interested in book this again or something similar next year.  Let me know if anything comes available……”